Apple iPhone App To Map Uk Happiness

Researchers at the London School of Economics have launched a new iPhone application designed to allow them to determine that happiness of Brits in relation to their immediate environment.

UK newspaper The Telegraph reports that Mappiness will allow researchers to study the impact of the environment, such as pollution, noise and weather, on a person's feelings.

Speaking to The Telegraph, George MacKerron, the researcher spearheading the project, said in a statement: “By tracking across space as well as time, and by making novel use of a technology that millions of people already carry with them, we hope to find better answers to questions about the impacts of natural beauty, environmental problems.”

Mappiness is programmed to randomly ask users how happy they are feeling at any given time of the day whilst registering their location at the time of giving the answer.

The researchers will then compare the data with the environmental conditions of the location in order to "map the happiness" of users.