China Unicom To Launch iPhone 4 Next Month

Apple's iPhone 4 and iPad devices are set to be launched in China by mid-September.

A source from within China Unicom has told the state run news organisation Caixin that the Cupertino-based gadget maker has signed an exclusive deal with China’s second largest mobile network carrier company, China Unicom, to sell its iPad and iPhone 4 in the country.

According to Apple spokeswoman in Beijing Carolyn Wu, the company is yet to announce any specific date for the release of either of the two gadgets.

China Unicom, which is already selling the previous versions of iPhone in the country, has said that the talks to sell the devices are still ongoing.

A Wi-Fi enabled version of the iPhone 3GS was launched in China last week for RMB 4,999 by China Unicom.

Apple's Beijing store also launched the smartphone on the same day, but for RMB 1,000 less, and reported that it had sold out of the device within 24 hours of release.

Caixin reports that its source within China Unicom claims that the price difference was due to miscommunication between the two organisations, and that the companies are working to resolve the issue.