Google Chrome Web Store May Launch In October

Google is said to be readying to launch the Chrome Web Store around October, indicating that Chrome OS-based devices will be released soon.

According to games news site 1UP, Google gave a presentation to the developers attending the Game Developer Conference in Europe, in which it explained how they will be able to submit applications for the platform.

Google is offering the Web Store code to developers, indicating that Chrome OS devices will be launched in the near future.

The presentation, given by Google's Mark DeLoura and Michael Mahemoff, pitched Chrome as an emerging in-browser gaming platform and highlighted the benefits of a web store.

They explained about the tools the developers will be provided in order to develop games for the browser.

Google said that it will be charging only a 5 per cent processing fee from developers that post their applications and games on the Web Store. Traditionally, the store owner charges 30 per cent for sales from developers.