Google Faces Spanish Probe Over Street View

Google has been ordered to appear in Spanish courts this October as a part of a government' investigation into determining if the information collected by Google for its Street View service was illegal.

According to the New York Times, the court summons, issued by Judge Raquel Fernandino, were a part of a lawsuit filed by a Spanish internet users association after Google announced it had 'mistakenly' collected payload data from unprotected Wi-Fi networks from cities around the world.

Since Google's controversial announcement, a number of countries have launched criminal investigations against Google to determine whether privacy laws had been broken.

A Google spokesperson in Spain has said that the company will give full cooperation to the judge for resolving the issue.

The spokesperson added: “We are dedicating a lot of our time to finding a solution so that users can be at ease.”

Recently, the UK's ICO has determined that the data collected by Google can't be used to reveal the identity of the users, and so was not harmful to the public. This prompted the company to resume deploying Street View cars on UK roads once again.