Google To Launch Chrome OS Tablet Device With Verizon Wireless?

Google will apparently launch its first Chrome OS tablet device on the 26th of November, the day of the so called Black Friday, which is traditionally one of the busiest shopping day in the US.

According to a Downloadsquad source, the tablet will be offered on a Verizon Wireless data contract and will be built by none other than HTC.

The deal is likely to resemble the one heralded by the Nexus One, a venture that ended earlier this year when Google declared that the impact of Nexus One on the Android market was a success before promptly canning the project.

Now Lee Mathews, the journalist who wrote the report, says that the tablet is likely to be significantly subsidised, something that would give it a competitive edge against the iPad; there's even the remote possibility that the Verizon Wireless may give the Google Tablet for free on some contracts.

As for the hardware, well, rumours are saying that it will have an ARM-based Nvidia Tegra 2 platform (dual core) with a HD-ready capacitive multi touch display (1280x720 pixels), at least 2GB RAM and 32GB SSD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, GPS, Webcam and possibly a card reader.

Will it, like the Nexus One, pave the way for a new generation of ARM-based Android tablets? Almost certainly.