Japanese outfit launches iPad web browser

Japanese software outfit Lunascape has launched a web browser specifically designed for Apple's iPad.

Surprisingly, given the device's focus on all things Internet, iLunascape is the first browser custom-built for users of the proddable PC.

Some iPad users have complained that Apple's hefty slab of glass and metal is a little too cumbersome to hold in one hand for extended periods, and with this in mind the coders at the Tokyo based company - which is already well-known for its triple-engined desktop browser - has developer the Reach Interface.

This allows users to grip the iPad with both hands and operate the browser's major functions and flip between the six persistent tabs using nothing more than a couple of thumbs.

"Fundamentally, the iPad is not just a bigger version of the iPhone or a smaller version of a laptop. It needs a serious yet easy-to-use tabbed browser that takes this into account," said a spokesman from the company. "With iLunascape, you can open multiple tabs simultaneously and switching between them is quick and easy with thumb taps. Tabs stay active in the background saving time to reload. You can run video in one tab while viewing other tabs. And, it includes tab management features such as restoring tabs from the last session and showing search results as a new tab."

iLunascape also features a screen capture function which automagically saves snapshots into the iPad's Photos App, fast and smooth scrolling, simple bookmarking and a rotation lock for in-bed browsing sessions (stop it).

The free App is available through iTunes now but you'll have to be over 17 to download it for some obtuse reason. Apparently, some of the material you can find on the web using a browser makes it unsuitable for children, according to Apple's utterly unfathomable ratings and censorship system.