News@5: Google's Spanish Probe, THQ Unveils uDraw & Facebook

Google is said to be readying to launch the Chrome Web Store around October, indicating that Chrome OS-based devices will be released soon. Google also gave a presentation to developers attending the Game Developer Conference in Europe, in which it explained how they will be able to submit applications for the platform.

Google has been ordered to appear in Spanish courts this October as a part of a government' investigation into determining if the information collected by Google for its Street View service was illegal or not.

Facebook may announce the launch of location-based services on its site during today's press conference, market analysts have predicted. Analysts suspect that Facebook will introduce the new feature on its site very soon.

Video game publisher THQ is set to release the uDraw Game Tablet add-on feature for Nintendo’s Wii. The uDraw gaming tablet is a 7”X9” peripheral that enables gamers to draw pictures and play games when attached to the Wii.

3 UK has quietly reduced the price of its Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica monthly contract to a mere £11.38 per month - although the deal is not advertised as available from their website.