Online Retailer Drops Price Of Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle

As the countdown to the launch of the Microsoft Kinect has already started, prices of the Xbox 360 4GB console bundled with the motion controller and the Kinect adventure game are on the way down with at least one online retailer already discounting the pack. has taken the lead by offering the bundle for as little as £239.85, a four per cent discount from the RRP of £249.99 at which other more well known retailers like Amazon, Play or Game are selling the package.

Given that the Kinect itself is sold for £115 at Zavvi, this means that the true cost of the Xbox 360 4GB version from is around £125. The suggested retail price of the gaming console is £149.99 with some retailers dropping the price to £139.99.

Alternatively if you plan to open a Very Credit account (which is part of the whole Littlewoods group), you will get a 10 per cent discount plus you won't have to pay until next year. This brings down the price of the Xbox 360 Kinect with 4GB console to a tasty £224.10 excluding delivery.

The Xbox 360 4GB console is the same as its bigger brother except that it comes with 4GB storage rather than 250GB one. Apart from that it still has five USB ports, 802.11n Wi-Fi, a great matt black finish and touch sensitive buttons.