Orange changes iPhone 4 prices

Orange has revamped their Apple iPhone 4 tariffs to include a better data allowance, whilst reducing the minutes for calling on their packages along with adding free mapping to make the deal more attractive.

The new Orange iPhone 4 ‘Extra' tariff starts at £35 a month, with a data allowance of 750MB, 400 minutes and free Sat Nav through their own Orange Maps and 50 photo messages. Previously, the Orange £35 iPhone 4 tariff over a 24 month period had a 500MB data allowance and 600 minutes - this change allows for more internet usage on the handset, which is key for any iPhone.

There is still a cost attached for the handset, where the 16GB version comes in at £119, with the 32GB model costs £219 on this new plan. Orange also offers the same new Extra tariff, over an 18 month period although the handsets increase in price to £229 and £319, respectively.

The new plans do escalate in tariff costs, reaching £75 that includes unlimited minutes and texts, with a 1GB data allowance and 3GB on data tethering - for using the phone as a mobile hotspot by laptops, or other devices.

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