RIAA Proposes Mandatory FM Radio In Smartphones

In a bid to revive the FM Radio, broadcasters and music labels have appealed to the US Congress to force manufacturers to build FM receivers into all smartphones and portable devices.

Tech news site Ars Technica reports that the National Association of Broadcasters and the RIAA have launched a campaign to mandate the inclusion of FM receivers on portable consumer electronic devices.

In response to the news, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) president Gary Shapiro said: “The backroom scheme of the [National Association of Broadcasters] and RIAA to have Congress mandate broadcast radios in portable devices, including mobile phones, is the height of absurdity.”

“Rather than adapt to the digital marketplace, NAB and RIAA act like buggy-whip industries that refuse to innovate and seek to impose penalties on those that do,” he added.

According to PC Mag, the bill which will mandate the inclusion of FM receivers on mobile devices is a part of a larger battle between the radio broadcasters and the recording industry related to loyalty payments.