Sony Announces ITV Player And Mubi For PS3

Sony has announced that ITV Player and video streaming service Mubi will be available to watch on its PlayStation 3 games console in the UK by October.

Speaking at the GamesCom 2010 gaming expo in Germany, Sony said that come October, PS3 owners in the UK will have access to the Mubi movie streaming service via PlayTV, gaming news site CVG has reported.

According to Sony, Mubi will be subscription-based, and will also be supported by video advertisements.

Sony added that the service will come with a community forum, set to allow users to discuss and rate the latest films they have watched on the player.

Users will also be able to subscribe to video on-demand services offered by ITV Player, which joins the likes of BBC's iPlayer in offering video-on-demand content to PS3 owners.

The company said that it had signed an agreement with ITV to show its content in other European countries, including Finland, Germany and Spain.

Sony has not revealed the pricing details for either of the services.