Sony outs 160GB and 320GB PlayStation 3 updates

Japanese gaming giant Sony has announced two new versions of the increasingly ancient PS3 with the added incentive of... slightly bigger hard drives.

We know the news won't exactly set the gaming world alight but Sony was excited enough about the announcement to save it for the Gamescon expo in Germany which started yesterday.

The $299 160GB model is on sale right now but you'll have to wait for September 19th to get your hands on the highly exciting 320GB version which will only be sold bundled with Sony's forthcoming motion-sensing controller system, Move for $399.

There's no official word on UK pricing as yet and the only other bit of exciting PS3 news, the announcement that a future update will allow US punters to watch Netflix movies straight out of the box, won't affect us second-class citizens on this side of the pond.

Come on Sony. We want a PS4 and we want it now!