Sony To Release Updated PS3 Gaming Console In US

Sony will sell two new versions of the Playstation 3 in the US within weeks, one with a 160GB hard disk drive and the other with a 320GB one.

The latter will be sold as part of a bundle comprising of the Sports Champions Move which will come with the Move motion controller, a demo disc, the Playstation Eye Camera, Sports Champions; the 160GB will be sold on its own.

John Koller, director of hardware marketing at Sony, said on the PlayStation Blog that "These new higher capacity models will continue to offer the same advanced features and functions of the current models, but with approximately 33 percent more capacity and at compelling price points".

The arrival of these new consoles means that stocks of the older ones, with 120GB and 250GB hard drives respectively won't be renewed once they're sold out.

The new models will be sold at the same price as the old ones and Sony explained the move citing an increased demand for digital content that can be downloaded from the company's Playstation Network.

The 160GB model will be available over the next few days in the US while the 320GB bundle will go on sale on the 19th of September.

There's been no confirmation as to when the white version will be released or when the console will go on sale in the UK.