THQ To Launch uDraw Tablet For Nintendo's Wii

Video game publisher THQ is set to release the uDraw Game Tablet add-on feature for Nintendo’s Wii.

The uDraw gaming tablet is a 7”X9” peripheral that enables gamers to draw pictures and play games when attached to the Wii, the Associated Press has reported on Tuesday.

"The uDraw Game Tablet is designed to target consumers of all ages this holiday season with a compelling price point and familiar drawing-inspired game play mechanic that has been enhanced for today's tech-savvy families," said Brian Farell, chief executive officer at THQ.

The latest add-on to the Wii will come with an SD card port to share and save images created on the 4”X6” drawing space, as well as with space for Wii’s remote and comes integrated with the uDraw Studio software.

The tablet is expected to be released in time for Christmas this year and will cost $69.99. Wii owners will also see release of two new gaming titles, Pictionary, a classic party game, and Dood’s Big Adventure, both priced at $29.99 each to coincinde with the launch of the uDraw tablet.