Toshiba Announces Hard-Drive Breakthrough

Toshiba has announced that it has made a breakthrough in storage technology that will allow for the development of a hard disk with much greater capacity than currently possible.

Covering the announcement, tech news site IT World reports that Toshiba has further developed magnetic storage technology, called bit-patterned media, which is being developed for future hard drives.

The technology is based on numerous magnetic bits that can hold one bit of data each.

The current prototype model of the research-based hard drive has been developed at a density of 2.5 tetrabits per square inch.

Toshiba has managed to gather some unusable signals from the data stored on the magnetic bits with the help of a recording head.

Computer World reports that the company plans to unveil its research work to the media at The Magnetic Recording conference in San Diego but has said that it expects to launch the next generation hard drive around 2013.