US Lawmakers Slam Google-Verizon Net Neutrality Framework

Top US lawmakers have slammed the "legislative framework" proposed by Google and Verizon on net neutrality, claiming that the companies would use the internet to suit their purposes.

Democratic members Jay Inslee of Washington, Ed Markey of Massachusetts, Anna Eshoo of California and Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania, have appealed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that the laws proposed by the two companies will be death of open internet.

The members of the House of Representatives sent an open letter to the FCC, suggesting an alternative method to create laws that will govern internet access in the US.

They suggest that the FCC mush have commanding authority over all broadband services in the country, wired and wireless broadband services should be subjected to common rules and regulations and paid prioritisation of web services should not be allowed.

In a statement, Mike Doyle said: “I am concerned that the proposal put forward by Google and Verizon could have the effect of choking off much of the most important, creative, and valuable contributions the Internet can make to the idea-driven economy of the 21st century.”