Vimeo debuts Flash-HTML5 Hybrid Player

Online video sharing platform Vimeo has introduced a new video player capable of showing either Adobe Flash or HTML5 video.

The company said that the new hybrid video player was designed to detect the hardware from which the service is being accessed and present videos accordingly.

The player will also stream the video according to the ability of the broadband connection.

The feature was designed for working on mobile devices and has been in development since last year.

According to tech news site CNET, the new video uses the same embed code as the previous version. The only difference is that it will detect the device being used to access it and the bandwidth of the internet connection.

Vimeo has also introduce a new 'Watch Later' function, which will allow users to bookmark a video in order to watch it later.

Google's YouTube is also developing a similar kind of default video player for its platform, which is expected to be released for testing soon.