Why Apple Should Launch A HDTV Set

There are already rumours of a $99 iTV device that have emerged and Gene Munster, the oft-quoted analyst from Piper Jaffray says that a flat panel HDTV, Apple-branded set would be the next logical step.

If ever Apple were to release a HDTV set, it will almost certainly be a hit with consumers because Apple understands its audience possibly better than anyone else in the consumer electronics industry.

Some like Matt Burns from Crunchgear, refute this idea on the premises that America love Cable TV. But then he sure misses the point that Apple tends to reinvent existing concepts and repackage them into much more successful ones.

The iPhone, the App Store, the iPad and the iPod are four such examples.

Piper Jaffray predicts that Apple will convince the industry to offer a single coherent platform to users by combining gaming, video on demand, high definition and applications into one ecosystem and most importantly, on one bill.

This may go hand in hand with a transition from a per-movie (or per item) purchase, to a more flexible pay monthly (consume as much as you can) version, something which the music industry, with Rhapsody, Spotify and Rdio, has already adopted.

As mentioned before, an Apple HDTV would almost certainly be iOS powered with access to the App store. Basically, it would be a 40-inch (or bigger) version of the iPad/iPod Touch packed with features like video conferencing and wireless connectivity that have yet to become standards on other sets.

Apple needs to act fast though because on the other hand, Google is busy doing the same thing with its Google TV and it looks as if the search giant is trying to replicate the same success it has with Android but this time on the $30 billion global TV market.