Yahoo Gains US Search Share From Google In July

Yahoo's share of the US search market has grown last month at the expense of current market leader Google, new data released by web analytics firm comScore has revealed.

Financial news site Bloomberg reports that, despite the growth, Yahoo remained the second largest with 17.1 per cent of the search market, up from the 16.7 per cent reported in June.

Google registered a search engine market share of 65.8 per cent in July, lower than the 66.2 per cent it recorded in June.

Experts credit the rise in Yahoo's market share to its 10 year search deal with Microsoft's Bing, helping the two to compete with search giant Google.

Yahoo is using Bing to outsource its search feature, allowing it to focus on expanding its revenue from online advertisement.

The results released by comScore include a new category called "explicit core search" which keeps a track on users who intend to retrieve contextual searches from search engines. Yahoo and Bing are both reported to have gained share in this area.