Adobe Announces Out-Of-Band Update Additions

Adobe Systems has announced additions to an out-of-band update set to patch vulnerabilities detected in its Reader and Acrobat software.

The company is set to release the out-of-band update to fix flaws revealed by Charlie Miller, a security expert at the Black Hat USA 2010 security conference held in July, in its Reader and Acrobat software, tech news site ZD Net has reported.

The company has said that the patches to the critical flaws will be released today for Adobe Reader 9.3.3 for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX, Adobe Acrobat 9.3.3 for Windows and Macintosh, and Adobe Reader 8.2.3 and Acrobat 8.2.3 for Windows and Macintosh.

Adobe said that the regular, quarterly update will still be released on schedule.

The updated advisory said: “Note that these updates represent an out-of-cycle release. Adobe is currently scheduled to release the next quarterly security updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat on October 12, 2010.”