Another Nokia handset leaked

Finnish phone maker's Nokia has had another handset leaked; this time around it's the Nokia C7 that appears to be a high-end smartphone that has yet to be announced by Nokia.

Chinese website has managed to capture on video the phone known as the Nokia C7, which is yet to be unveiled by Nokia but we suspect it will be announced at their annual symposium Nokia World in a few weeks time.

Images have been cropping up on-line of the handset for some time, although this is the first occasion that there is now undeniable and irrefutable evidence that the handset exists - with the video below proving just that.

The Nokia C7 appears to be running the Symbian ^3 OS, from a 3.5-inch multi-touch screen with a more business focussed look than the consumer oriented Nokia N8 which is due for release anytime soon.

The footage below isn't in English, but it does highlight on the first video the build of the device in close detail and on the second video there's a walkthrough of the Symbian platform, running on the handset.

One Mobile Ring is due to attend the Nokia conference in a few weeks time, but at this rate there will be no news with all these leaks happening.


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