Apple App Store Director Flogs Fart Apps

An Apple App Store director has been discovered selling applications under using a company called 'Gray Noodle'.

Tech news site Wired has discovered Apple’s director of applications technology, Philip Shoemaker, selling iPhone applications in the company’s App Store under the name of his second business venture Gray Noodle.

Shoemaker, who is responsible for running the App Store is the force behind Gray Noodle, which publishes weird applications such as iWiz, Animal Farts and Blue Flame, each priced between $1 and $2.

The iWiz app description reads: “Simulate the experience of urinating for a long time. Convince your friends that you’ll never stop. iWiz allows you to simulate urination: faster, slower, or just a trickle.”

Apple has spoken in favour of its employee, as a spokeswoman for the company stated that the applications in question were developed, submitted and approved before Shoemaker joined the company, which is in adherence to Apple’s policy.

Apple also said that Shoemaker has made valuable inputs into the company's developer relations team during his tenure.