Apple To Revamp Support Forums

Apple has announced that it will be introducing a revamped version of its support forums.

The new version will be designed to make asking questions on the platform a more simplified and social process.

According to Apple, the new version of support forums will be called 'Apple Support Communities' and will place more emphasis on question-and-answer style discussions.

The company explained that once users log-in into the Apple Support Communities, they can proceed by selecting a community, under which the topic of the query will fall.

Users will be then able to ask a question by posing a detailed account of the problem they are facing.

Apple has also brought a social element to the new support forum. Community members will be able to 'introduce' themselves to other communities by completing their profile and biography, uploading a picture, or an avatar, and invite people to join their communities.

Members will also be able to customise their profiles by chaining their settings and adding widgets.