BFG did make ATI cards

A few months before BFG became a burned out shell, eagle-eyed readers may remember a rumour that the apparently disgruntled GeForce associate was opening its arms to AMD. Well, it turns out this was more than just idle banter. BFG did indeed sneakily attempt to muscle in on the Radeon world.

The job was outsourced to a third-party manufacturer in China, and a close associate of the concerned company recently got in touch with the chaps at PC Perspective to tell them what was going on, as well as providing a few photos of the cards and boxes.

According to the source, BFG had little to do with the manufacturing process, other than having its name on the packaging.

The news corresponds with the information we had from our own sources close to the situation, who couldn't confirm whether BFG was indeed making ATI cards, but said they wouldn't be high-end 5800-series chips if it was. Indeed, the cards being knocked out in China were apparently mid-range and low-end cards based on Radeon HD 5750, 5570 and 5470 GPUs.

Interestingly, it looks as though BFG attempted to do all this without the go-ahead from AMD. When Nvidia's GPU-rival found out about the cards, it apparently informed the Chinese manufacturer that BFG wasn't an authorised partner and it would not be allowed to sell the graphics cards.

This left the third-party graphics card maker in a pretty rubbish situation. AMD reportedly ignored all attempts from the manufacturer to get more information about BFG's partner status, and shortly afterwards it discovered BFG's entire product management and marketing teams had been laid off.

Now that BFG is sending out letters to customers saying it's in the process of "winding down and liquidating its business," it looks as though the Chinese manufacturer isn't too worried about revealing what went on.

According to PC Perspective's source, the manufacturer is expected to display the final BFG products at the China Sourcing Fair in October.