Brits Spend 45 Per Cent Of Their Waking Hours Using Technology

Brits spend around half of their waking hours using mobile phones, browsing the internet and watching TV, a new study has revealed.

UK telecom regulator Ofcom has revealed that the average Brit spends nearly 45 per cent of his waking hours using technology to save time, the Telegraph has reported.

"'For the first time we can see just how central media and communications are to our lives. On average we use them for nearly half our waking hours,” said Peter Philips, strategy and market developments partner at Ofcom.

Ofcom reported that an average Briton spent 3 hours and 45 minutes watching television everyday. According to the figures, on an average, an adult is awake for 15 hours and 45 minutes in a day.

The study showed that the technological gap between the younger and older generations has started to decrease with increasing access to web and other technologies including smartphones, mobile phones, HD televisions, gaming consoles and music players.