Cameron Diaz Rated The Web's Most Dangerous Celebrity

Cameron Diaz is the most dangerous celebrity to search for on the internet, a report by security software firm McAfee has shown.

In its annual 'Most Dangerous Celebrities' report, the anti-virus maker has found that one in every ten Google searches made on Cameron Diaz leads the users to a malware laden website.

The second most dangerous celebrity to search for is Julia Roberts, with Jessica Biel following closely behind.

Other celebrities who feature in the list include Brad Pitt, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Nicole Kidman.

The report is released to annually to highlight the dangers users face while surfing the web for information.

The security firm advised users to keep their anti-virus software updated at all times, avoid visiting websites that look dubious and to look for information on websites with a clean reputation.

Googlers were also advised to use the Safe Search options before conducting searches on the platform.