Demand For Microsoft Kinect Controller Stronger In The UK?

It seems that demand for the Microsoft Kinect Controller in the UK is apparently stronger than in the US at least when it comes to figures disclosed that can be extracted from Amazon's bestsellers list.

The Kinect sensor on its own is ranked 63rd in the US while other controllers like the Wii Motion Plus and the Wii Nunchuck controller, both by Nintendo are in the top 25; Sony's Playstation Move controller is at the 86th place.

In the UK however, the peripheral is ranked 55th in the PC and Video games section with the Nintendo Wii & Sony's own PS3 move controllers ranking ahead of it. Same scenario at another popular online retailer, where the Kinect is 7th in the list of pre-order games.

Obviously those are only ranking, not absolute sales figures; but it gives a good idea of how the Kinect is performing sales wise relative to the Playstation Move and across two different markets.

More good news for Microsoft when it comes to the Xbox 360 250GB model, the one with native Kinect support. It is by far the most popular gaming console on Amazon at number 16 while the Nintendo Wii is at number 58 and the DSi at number 62.