Google TV Reportedly Struggling To Find Partners

Google is said to be experiencing problems finding content partners for its Google TV service, which is due to launch this autumn.

Citing unnamed sources, The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has met with representatives of major US TV broadcasters, including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, to try and convince them to provide content for Google TV.

TV networks are said to be hesitant to partner with Google as they believe that the proposed business model will not be able to compensate for the fact that Google TV might 'cannibalise' their existing TV channels.

Google wants content providers to add their videos to its websites, allowing the search giant to index them on Google search.

This will allow customers to, when searching for a particular show on Google TV, find information related to the program, including timings, episode info and related content.

The Web giant's plan to indexing almost every video available on the internet may backfire as media companies are planning taking steps to block their videos from being played on certain devices.