Hurd comes out whining over allegations

Ex-HP CEO Mark Hurd has apparently been discussing his predicament with chums, some of whom have been bending the hairy ears of Wall Street journalists, who in turn have passed Hurd's words on to us to ponder over.

The latest instalment comes after some of the substance of actress-cum-marketeer Jodie Fisher's allegations against him was shared with AP by some chums of someone or other who may know something about something or other.

To recap a bit, Hurd quit HP after Fisher seems to have claimed he was trying to shag her. According to AP, her work dried up, and she assumed this was because she wouldn't.

She wrote to Hurd at HP, whining about all this, sparking in internal investigation. HP's investigators decided her claim was largely cobblers but did ask questions about Hurd's expense claims, some of which he found hard to answer. He quit.

"Did I do anything to try to sexually advance the relationship?" Hurd apparently asked his chums this week. "No," he apparently replied to himself, clearing that one up.

He said her work dried up thanks to the global economy taking a nose-dive to pay for bankers' beanos, not because he'd been sniffing around her like a dog with bone.

Both Hurd and Fisher deny having bedded one another. Hurd did confess to having Googled some of the best bits of her soft-core porn roles, but there are no reports of his keyboard having suffered any damage as a result.

The case - in the court of public opinion - is continuing.