India Discovers Way To Access BlackBerry E-mails

The security agencies in India are testing methods to help them access and read encrypted e-mails sent by Research in Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry devices.

News agency Reuters reports that a senior level government official has confirmed that Indian security agencies in New Delhi are working with RIM's technical division to find a way to read the encrypted e-mails.

According to Indian telecom officials, RIM has told them that the only way to read an encrypted message sent from BlackBerry is to intercept it when it is briefly stored in an enterprise server.

The telecom department is currently testing whether it has the technology to do that or not.

Previously, the Indian government had set 31 August as the deadline for RIM to give its security agencies access to technology that will help them monitor all messages sent via BlackBerry e-mail and Messenger services.

India is concerned that terrorists groups may use BlackBerry services to plan terror strikes undetected as RIM uses powerful encryption technology to secure messages sent from one BlackBerry to another.