Interweb, Social Media & Defriend Join Oxford English Dictionary

A slew of technology related terms have joined the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, earning their place amongst the 2,000 new words to enter the OED this year.

Amongst the more surprising entries are the words Interweb which joined the dictionary nearly twenty years after it first appeared and describes an alternative way of saying "Internet" and "phrase dictionary attack" which is the process of using a dictionary to crack open password protected systems.

Others are heavily influenced by latest online trends with tweetup, microblogging, defriend and social media joining in; also interesting is the inclusion of the words paywall and netbook, the first one describing a payment system, generally for a news website while the second is the generic name given to a new generation of cheap laptops that appeared in 2008.

OED uses a word bank which analyses more than two billion words used in all printed or online media worldwide. The words selected are therefore a snapshot of the world we live in currently.