Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse exposed

Just as we predicted a few weeks ago, the teaser snaps of Microsoft's new "touchy" piece of hardware did indeed show a part of a new touch-mouse, and not an "iPad killer" as some people would have you believe.

Full photos of the mouse laid bare were accidentally unveiled by German tech store NotebooksBilliger a few hours ago, and have since been taken down. However, German tech site WinFuture managed to pull off all the photos and details before they disappeared.

Having seen the pictures, Microsoft's mysterious hint: "Don't be so touchy...flat is where it's at," suddenly makes a lot more sense. We initially thought Microsoft might have a couple of touch-mice in the works; one with a flat design and one with the curves of the Arc range. However, instead Microsoft has combined the two concepts into a single design.

As you can see, the new mouse can sit flat if you want it to, but it also has an adjustable curve to fit the arc of your hand on the desk. In addition to the touch-features is a BlueTrack sensor, enabling it to be used as a normal mouse on pretty much any surface. Meanwhile, the mouse's three buttons are joined by a touch-sensitive equivalent of a scroll wheel in the middle.

According to WinFuture, the mouse will also come with a tiny 2.4GHz radio transceiver that can be housed in the battery compartment.

Microsoft has yet to officially confirm the existence of the product, so there's no official pricing yet. However, accidentally released prices from retailers have previously put the price at $69.95; the same price as Apple's Magic Mouse in the US.