Microsoft Demos compatibility Features In Office 2011 For Mac

Microsoft has outlined two new features set to appear in the soon-to-be-launched Office for Mac 2011.

The company has said that the features will enhance the compatibility between the Windows and Mac versions of the productivity suite.

News agency Reuters reports that the company will introduce Sparklines and in-app image editing tool for Office for Mac 2011. The features first appeared on Office 2010 for Windows.

Sparklines allows users to insert bite-sized charts or graphs into individual cells in Excel spreadsheets. The feature is being advertised as the "most useful" function in Excel 2010.

Microsoft plans to introduce Sparklines to allow Mac Office users to share spreadsheets with co-workers using the Windows version of the software.

Kurt Schmucker, member of the Microsoft's Mac development team, said in a statement: “What we've been able to do in Office for Mac 2011 is to bring a lot of power to bear to produce a professional-looking document that's still compatible with Office for Windows.”