Microsoft Planning To Launch Xbox Live Avatar 2.0

Microsoft is set to release an update for Xbox Live avatars with the launch of its Kinect motion sensing gaming peripheral.

Since their introduction on Xbox Live, avatars have become increasingly popular with gamers. and have been of immense profit to

Microsoft due to innumerable options available for customisation.

Gamers have a number of options available to dress or accessorise their avatars on Xbox Live.

Microsoft is now planning to cash-in on their popularity by launching a more realistic version, to be called as Avatar 2.0, gaming site Escapist Magazine has reported.

According to Nick Burton, senior developer at Avatar creators Rare, the new animated figures will no longer have a cartoon-like look, but it will appear to be more in-sync with reality, owing to break down of hand-eye coordination of the gamer.

Full details of the Avatar 2.0 release are yet to be revealed.

Microsoft has also announced that its Kinect motion sensing peripheral will be launched in UK stores on 10 November.