Microsoft Previews SME Server Aurora

Microsoft has released the preview version of its Vail Windows Home Server and Aurora Windows Small Business Server.

The Aurora Windows Small Business Server is targeted towards small and medium sized businesses and is designed to allow them to integrate traditional methods with cloud computing.

Writing in the official SBS blog, Kevin Kean, general manager of Windows Home and Small Business Servers, wrote: “Aurora extends the ease of use of our traditional SBS products while simultaneously being a great platform for small businesses wanting to combine traditional and cloud computing.”

Microsoft explained that the server comes with enhanced back-up and restore functions, automatic file back-up options. The company added that users will also be able to access the files on the server from a regular Web browser.

The company has said that the Windows Home Server, codenamed Vail, comes with native support for Mac OS.

Vail also introduces enhanced multi-PC back-up features, simple set-up options and support for streaming media outside a home or office.

Microsoft is yet to give a release date for the final version of the server, but claims that the final release version will follow the preview version.