Next Sony PSP Gaming Console To Have Touch Controls

Sony's next Playstation Portable gaming platform will likely be of the same size as the PSP-3ooo and have touch controls on the reverse of the unit according to three separate development sources that spoke to a UK-based news website.

Eurogamer reports that "Sony is showcasing the unfinished handheld to publishers at the moment using several first-party games and has already settled on its business model for the device, which was not shown to the public at gamescom this week".

It also added that the product - which would bear the moniker PSP2 - will have touch sensitive controls at the back of the unit behind the screen and that it may go on sale by the end of 2011, nearly seven years after the launch of the original model.

As expected, the PSP2 won't use physical media except for flash memory (SD or MS Duo) and using an iTunes like model to stream content to the platform is not entirely out of the picture.

By the time the PSP2 is launched, Sony may well decide to integrate 3D capabilities as well depending on how popular the Nintendo 3DS is.