North Korea Joins Twitter

The North Korean government has created its own account on micro-blogging platform Twitter, despite not allowing its citizens to access the platform.

The move follows the launch of a north Korean YouTube channel last month.

The government is using the social networking platforms as an answer to South Korea's constant criticism of its regime through radio channels.

North Korea's Twitter - @uriminzok - has over 8,000 followers at time of publishing from all over the world, except South Korea, which has also barred its citizens from accessing the services.

The South Korean government has reminded its Web users that it was illegal to converse with anyone from North Korea.

The Twitter account may be being used to spread anti South Korea and US messages across the world, but the US has still welcomed North Korea to the platform

Philip Crowley, a spokesperson of the US State Department, tweeted: “We use Twitter to connect to inform and to debate. We welcome North Korea to the networked world, but is it prepared to allow its citizens to be connected as well?”