One In Five workers Still Using IE6

A report has revealed that outdated and insecure Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) continues to be used in businesses, despite security issues.

Tech news site The Register has reported that, in a quarterly security report published by cloud security firm Zscaler, it has been revealed that one in every five enterprise worker depend upon Microsoft’s IE6 to do official work.

The nine year old web browser has come under severe criticism following the Operation Aurora attacks on enterprises that run the outdated browser.

The UK government refused to upgrade from IE6, despite of a petition signed by hundreds of concerned Brits and other Europeans, suggesting that official applications may break down if IE6 was upgraded.

Last month, US banking giant Chase said that was IE6 better than either Google’s Chrome or Opera for banking security use.

Despite this, Zscaler still maintains that companies that are relying upon IE6 are the most vulnerable to web attacks.