OpenFeint Update Brings Cross-Platform Gaming

Social gaming platform OpenFeint has introduced a new set of features that will allow cross-platform gaming.

The OpenFeint 2.6 update will also allow users to send out of network game invites via text messages.

Android and iPhone owners will now be able to compete with each other in an online multi-player gaming format.

Users of OpenFeint 2.6 can also invite anyone to play on the platform by sending text message invites directly from the app.

According to tech news site CNET, the text messages will contain a link to either the App Store or Android Market.

OpenFeint plans to bring another update which will detect users' platform and send them to the relevant application store.

Aurora Feint Chairman Peter Relan said in a statement: “One glaring problem with today’s mobile gaming community is how fractured it is across platforms. OpenFeint is bridging the gap between gamers...we’re going to roll out services that will help friends that use different device platforms play against each other.”