South Korea blocks North Korea's tweets

Nice, free South Korea has blocked access to naughty, rogue North Korea's Twitter account complaining that the feed contains 'illegal information' that its citizens shouldn't be allowed to see.

The account is here, but we're afraid it doesn't mean much to us. Google's translation almost makes things worse.

Here's one we like the look of though:

"His great Comrade Kim Jong Il's revolutionary leadership for the first smoke, written 50 dolte Kim Il Sung University on the occasion of the 19th cast mugwandan electronic library and sit in a swim tube"

The account has 8,850 followers now that we've signed up and it's only been up a week. Stephen Fry had better watch out.

The feed is run by official website of the North's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, which is also blocked in South Korea.

North Korea also kicked off a Youtube account at the same time as the Twit feed. That's a little bit easier to make sense of as it has moving pictures. It's here.

South Korea seems less concerned about the YouTube account and hasn't blocked it yet.