SQL Attack hacks 500,000 Sites, Including Apple

A massive SQL injection attack has hacked and infected 500,000 legitimate websites with malware.

Tech news site The Register has reported that the SQL injection attack attempts to install hidden code in the websites database, which is used to redirect users to malware.

The attack has also affected two web pages belonging to Apple, which are used by the company to promote podcasts on iTunes.

The malicious links are reported to have been removed from the webpages shortly after the attack was reported.

In total, around 538,000 websites have been affected by the SQL hack attack, and the number of websites that are affected by a similar attack which redirects users to a different domain is close to 500,000.

In a statement to The Register, Mary Landesman, a senior researcher with ScanSafe, said: “Interestingly, many of the sites compromised have been involved in repeated compromises over the past few months. It's not clear whether these are the work of the same attackers or are competing attacks.”