Top Weekly Google Technology Searches

Each week, we will crawl in Google's Insights For Search (IFS) section in four different categories (Social Networks & Online Communities, Telecommunications, Computers & Electronics & Internet) to let you know what tech-related topics are currently hot.

Internet related brands unsurprisingly dominated the charts in the United Kingdom with Facebook generating significantly more searches than the rest of the competition, in fact more than the second (BBC), third (Youtube) and fourth (hotmail) terms put together.

BBC, the words "you" (possibly for youtube) and "mail" are the only top searches that are not strictly speaking, directly related to technology. The fastest rising term in the past seven days that's tech related is myp2p, a P2P service that allows you to watch live sports.

The surge in search related - double the search volume of the previous week - to the subject is the direct result of the start of the Premier League Season 2010/2011 in the UK.

In the telecommunications category, the iPhone comes first followed by O2, Blackberry,m BT and Nokia. The interest over time in the iPhone has gradually grown over time with sudden surges being recorded shortly before the smartphone goes on sale.