Ubuntu 11.04 To Be Called Natty Narwhal

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has given Ubuntu 11.04 a codename - Natty Narwhal.

Tech news site The Register has reported that Shuttleworth wrote on his blog that Ubuntu 11.04 has been named after the Arctic whale, Narwahl, to emphasise its enhanced graphics software.

"We have this whole design thing in full flow, making Ubuntu sleeker and more stylish, as well as making it smoother for those who just want to get stuff done. We'll make the N release the best-dressed ever,” he wrote.

Natty Narwhal is slated for release in April next year, while Shuttleworth is ready to announce that Ubuntu 10.10, codenamed Maverick Meerkat, is due for release on 10 October.

The latest Ubuntu iteration is joining the league of animal names for Ubuntu operating systems, including Lucid Lynxes, Karmic Koalas, Jaunty Jackalopes, Dapper Drake and Warty Warthog.