Yahoo Launches HTML5 Mail App For The iPad

Yahoo has released an HTML5 compatible version of its e-mail service for use on Apple's iPad.

The move follows a similar one by Google, which recently launched an HTML5 compatible Gmail service, tech news site Mac Rumours reported on Wednesday.

“If you've used our HTML5 mobile Web mail for iPhone you'll feel home. We're keeping all the things users love about our mobile Web mail, while optimising it for the gorgeous large screen of the iPad,” said Lee Perry, product manager at Yahoo mail in an official blogpost.

The new feature comes with enhanced search options, including the ability to search messages and attachments, dual pane view, offline access, and can be downloaded from Apple’s web browser built-in iPad, Safari.

It will also display previews of attached photos automatically in the message, and give users the option of clicking on the image to see the full size version.

Yahoo has said that it is looking for feedback about the new service. To give feedback, click here.