A-Level Results Confirm Drop In IT Course Take-Up

The UK IT industry is worried that the country is failing to develop future IT professionals, Wang that companies might be forced to outsource IT talent from oversees.

The warning follows the announcement of ICT A-level computing examination results, which indicate a drop in the number of students taking the exam, and therefore students qualifying for IT courses in higher education.

According to tech news site Computer Weekly, the number of students opting for the examination dropped by 2.4 per cent from 2009, while only 4,065 received qualifying marks, 13.7 per cent less than the 4,710 in 2009.

Today, many UK firms outsource IT talent from oversees in order to save costs, but also have the choice of employing home-bread talent for key positions.

The students, who are surrounded by computer and internet technology on a daily basis, are not choosing to receive the necessary IT training to become experts in that field. Experts believe that the teaching methods and the course curriculum are to blame for the decline in in ICT A-Level take-up.