40 Windows Apps Contain Critical Flaw Says Researcher

About 40 Windows applications suffer from dangerous loopholes that can be exploited by hackers to infect a system with malware.

A security expert has claimed that Microsoft’s operating system Windows possess major flaws, which can be used by hackers to infect a computer system with malware, which can be used to gain remote control, news agency Reuters reported on Thursday.

According to the creator of Metaspoilt and chief security officer at Rapid7 H.D Moore, the flaw was first noticed and patched by Apple in its music streaming service iTunes 9.1 about four months ago. Microsoft, however, is yet to path the 40 application affected.

Although Moore did not reveal names of the applications, he first hinted at the discovery in a post on micro blogging site Twitter along with a security advisory by security company Acros.

He said: "The cat is out of the bag, this issue affects about 40 different apps, including the Windows shell.”

Moore has clarified that a single security fix-up solution can not treat all applications simultaneously, as each flawed application will have to be patched separately.