AMD to shift GPU production to GloFo - report

Taiwanese reports say AMD's graphics chip arm, ATI is preparing to dump chip foundry TSMC in favour of old chums at Global Foundries, to make its next generation graphics chips.

TSMC infamously makes 40nm graphics chips for both AMD an Nvidia on the same production line. The business is no-doubt lucrative to TSMC and we'd love to have a fly on the wall as the schedules are worked out.

Both firms saw delays in trying to get their 40nm chips out of TSMC's doors and something was bound to give.

According to a report in the Chinese-language Economic Daily news, re-punted by Digitimes, AMD will give the order for upcoming 28nm chips to its old chums.

Global Foundries was "spun off" from AMD as Hector Ruiz went "asset light", meaning that shareholders have thumbs in both pies. There are sturdy friendships across the waters between Texas and Dresden too.

The move is bound to happen sometime, but whether it's now or later remains to be confirmed.

We've put out some feelers and will update you if anything bites.