Audiophile journo gets a kicking over blog post

When veteran HiFi journalist and audiophile Malcolm Steward decided to swap out the SATA cables on his digital audio system, he can't possibly have known what a storm he would cause.

Steward convinced himself that exchanging the cheap and nasty SATA cables that came with his network attached storage (NAS) drive had improved the quality of his audio experience to such an extent that he decided to write about it on his blog... which as it turns out was a big mistake.

We'll take it as given that, as you are here, you know a thing or two about technology in general and PCs in particular. We'll also assume that you are aware that SATA cables carry a stream of nothing more than ones and zeroes and that, no matter how shoddy your SATA interconnects are, it is physically impossible for them to have a detrimental effect on the quality of your music. You'll either get the music as it was sampled or you'll get bugger all.

Steward, however, wrote that he had, "clearly identified easily perceptible improvements" in the music on what we can only assume was a pretty high-end system given his job and the subject of his bloggage.

Trying to second guess why the change had resulted in such a marked improvement, he wrote, “My only guess is that the Super SATAs reject interference significantly better than the standard cables and in so doing lower the noise floor revealing greater low-level musical detail and presentational improvements in the soundstage and the ‘air’ around instruments.”

Now stop tittering at the back there.

The poor hack's blog was bombarded by so many smart-arsed techies telling him what a dolt he was that he had to shut down the comments section because people were being downright unpleasant.

The beleaguered self-styled 'technology writer' has now removed the page altogether probably after being bombarded by sheister companies wanting him to do reviews of their £100 HDMI cables.

The first reader to decode the binary in the image wins Geek of the Year Award... and our sympathy.