Bogus anti-virus disables the real thing

Insecurity outfit Symantec is warning of a new retrovirus which prompts users to disable genuine security software in order to install malware.

A new variant of the FakeAV trojan is doing the rounds which attempts to trick users into disabling their security software using 'social engineering' or 'tricking daft people' as it is better known.

A bogus pop-up warns that the currently-installed security product - those made by Symantec, Microsoft, AVG, Spyware Doctor, and Zone Labs have all been named as potential targets - is 'uncertified', may be causing problems and should be disabled.

Even if the user clicks the 'cancel' button the trojan disables the genuine AV software and goes about its nefarious business. And that busines is reporting hundreds of non-existent problems - using a variant of the CoreGuardAntivirus2009 malware called AnVi Antivirus - and offering to fix them for a fat fee.