BT Bringing Super-Fast Broadband To 90,000 Welsh Properties

BT has announced plans to bring 21st Century Network (21CN) technology to communities in South West Wales.

The technology will bring super-fast broadband connections to the region.

The company has said that around 90,000 homes and businesses in that area will benefit from the roll-out, which will be completed by spring next year.

BT also has plans to add 20 other communities in that area to its 21CN roll-out.

The company said that the massive investments made in that area will allow Welsh homes and businesses to have access to 20Mbps broadband speeds, not only allowing them to utilise advanced internet services but helping them to improve business operations.

BT added that the company's plans have received an enthusiastic response from households and businesses in the area.

South-west regional manager for BT Jon Reynolds said in a statement: “Faster broadband can help businesses become more competitive and greatly improve the online services available to households.”